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Help & Info about Microsoft Publisher for windows

  • 1. What is Microsoft Publisher 2013?

    Microsoft Publisher 2013 is essentially a graphic design tool. It may be like Microsoft Word in terms of functionality, but Publisher emphasizes more on page design and layout instead of formatting and word composition. The application offers less expensive and easy-to-use publishing options to create designs.
  • 2. Is Microsoft Publisher 2013 free?

    Publisher 2013 comes in bundled in with Office 2013. It, therefore, isn’t free. Also, you must buy the Office 2013 Professional version to access Publisher since it’s not part of the Office 2013 Home and Business or Home and Student version. The other route is buying Office 2013 and subscribing to Publisher 2013 via Office 365.
  • 3. Why is Microsoft Publisher not available as a standalone product?

    As aforementioned, buying Office 2013 is mandatory to access and use Microsoft Publisher 2013. And the reason for this could probably the seamless integration the tool experiences with other Microsoft products.
  • 4. Who is this program for?

    Microsoft Publisher 2013 is an entry-level application for small businesses, and also home users. It is right for firms who cannot afford or are not willing to buy an expensive publishing program, primarily because they have limited desktop publishing experience.
  • 5. What skills do you need to work with Publisher 2013?

    To work with Publisher 2013, you need not be a professional graphics designer. All that is needed is some basic knowledge of Publisher and a bit of creativity. And if you’re willing to learn and work your way up from there, you can truly create great, stunning-looking publications.
  • 6. How easy is to get started with the tool?

    The program is user-friendly and easy to use. If you are a new user or who has not done any kind of graphic designing work before, the included tutorial should help you get the hang of things. And if that doesn’t work, then there are always those ready-made templates that you can use anytime.
  • 7. What is new in Publisher 2013?

    Publisher 2013 is the best Publisher version yet. It imports all the great features of past Publisher versions and also comes up with some new features that add more functionality to the tool and make it more refined. You can now insert images from external sources such as Flickr and Facebook, insert multiple pictures simultaneously into the scratch area, swap pictures and use picture backgrounds, add special effects atop pictures and text, etc.
  • 8. What are the template options like?

    Publisher 2013 comes with more than 700, diverse templates for common business designing requirements such as brochures, business cards, calendars and address labels. Users can also choose to work from scratch. Microsoft provides the option to mail the file directly, export the file as another type of file, or have the file uploaded to the cloud for online publishing.
  • 9. Does the tool work well with all file types?

    Publisher 2013 works seamlessly with other Microsoft products such as Word and Excel. But it could face issues with some non-Microsoft products. For instance, it cannot import or open popular file varieties such as Photoshop PSDs or PDFs. Files can be saved to PDF, but those PDFs won’t be editable.
  • 10. How are the graphic design options like?

    Graphic designing is limited and professionals may find working with Publisher 2013 quite challenging. You can execute simpler effects like bevels, 3D extrusions, and basic shapes. However, more advanced work such as touching up of photos or crafting logos exactly the way you want won't be possible.


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